A range of charcoal based sketching materials is available at Framing Pieces, as follows:

  • National Art Materials Willow Natural Charcoal Made by burning willow sticks.
  • Progresso Carbon Sticks Woodless graphite sticks, for shading and fine detail.
  • Wolff's Carbon Pencils Combination of graphite and charcoal, for easy sharpening and rich black lines.
  • General's Charcoal Pencils Made from refined willow charcoal and fine organic blacks.
  • Viarco Premium Carbon Pencils Riche matte black with smooth and consistent stroke.
  • General's Jumbo Compressed Charcoal Rich, intense, blendable blacks.
  • General's Compressed Pastel Chalk Blendable, acid and oil free, can be used for drawing, sketching, shading or rubbing textures.
  • General's Compressed Charcoal White, smooth, compressed sketching sticks.
  • Cretacolor Graphite Pencils In a range of degrees of hardness.
  • Cretacolor Fine Art Leads Also in a range of hardness. Can be used in a holder.
  • Cretacolor Graphite Sticks In two sizes for the more bold and swashbuckling works.
  • Cretacolor Deep Black Pocket Sets Compact boxed set which includes graphite pencils, graphite sticks and a charcoal stick. Swiss army knife for sketchers.
  • Cretacolor Carbon Powder For large scale drawing or mix with water and binding agent for painting. Smudges, blends and rubs off like chalk.
  • Cretacolor Lead Holder and Sharpener Ergonomic design.
  • Cretacolor Kneaded Eraser Just in case.
  • Derwent XL Graphite Blocks In boxed sets.
  • Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are no longer available. However, there are some other marker pen products.
  • Winsor & Newton Promarker Markers using alcohol based translucent ink, twin tipped with a broad chisel nib and a fine bullet nib. Colours are blendable and can be used on acetate, glass, plastic and wood as well as paper.
  • Winsor & Newton Brushmarker These also use alcohol based translucent ink. They are twin tipped with a broad chisel tip and a brush nib. Colours are blendable.
  • Winsor & Newton Water Colour Marker Watercolour in a pen form, with dual nibs. Can be used to make washes when combined with water. For use with watercolour paper.

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Last updated 09/07/2017