Framing Pieces is now stocking a wide range of fine art papers, pads and sketchbooks for use with all the different art mediums they sell. From large sheets of specialty papers and canvases to tiny sketchbooks for artists on the go, there is something for all needs. Just ask the friendly staff about which is the most appropriate for your requirements.

Art papers carried by Framing Pieces include the following:

  • Mi-Teintes Coloured Art Paper A general purpose paper for many different types of paint, drawing materials and charcoal, it comes in 55 x 75 cm sheets in a range of colours, as well as A3 and A4 pads in a selection of black and grey tones.
  • Art Spectrum Colourfix Pastel Paper For acrylics, inks, watercolours, gouache, oil pastels and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. Has a natural toothy surface. Comes in 20 dense, lightfast colours, in large sheets of 50 x 70 cm and small sheets of 23 x 30 cm.
  • Art Spectrum Colourfix Plein Air Board This is Colourfix Pastel Paper bonded to a board to produce a solid painting surface, coming in 30 x 40 cm boards.
  • Art Spectrum Colourfix Smooth Pastel Paper A paper with finer grain than the traditional Colourfix, suitable for outdoor work with pastel, pencil or charcoal and useful if a lot of texture is not required. Stocked in large sheets only.
  • Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer This is an acrylic sanded primer, the same as is used on the Colourfix papers, which can be applied to other surfaces to prepare them for pastel or other work. It bonds to all types of papers, canvas, card, ply, plastic, glass, timber, ceramic and metal.
  • Mi-Teintes TEX Textured art paper in a range of bright colours with a sanded surface suitable for pastels. It comes in a large size, 55 x 75 cm.
  • Richeson Premium Pastel Paper This comes in 6 colours in 47.5 x 63 cm sheets. It has a very gritty texture, suitable for work with lots of layers of paint.
  • Pastel Premier Paper A smooth yet very toothy pastel paper in 66 x 51 cm and 30.5 x 40.5 cm sheets, in white, Italian clay, buff, terracotta and slate colours.
  • Ampersand Pastelbord A 3mm thick, solid composite wooden panel with a sanded toothy surface, in white and grey, 40.6 x 50.8 cm.
  • Stonehenge A paper with a vellum surface and deckle edges originally designed for printmaking, also used for watercolour, pen and ink, pencil or pastel.
  • Stretched canvases and canvas boards For the oil and acrylic painters.

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Framing Pieces carries a range of watercolour pads which includes Arches Watercolour, Art Spectrum Draw and Wash Textured, Canson Montval Aquarelle, Mi-Teintes Coloured Art Paper, Winslow Watercolour Pads and Fluid 100 4x6 in watercolour pads.

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For those on the go, who like to get out in the countryside, or just like to test their ideas, there is a selection of excellent sketchbooks in various sizes for all purposes, including

  • Handbook Journals
  • Venezia Books
  • Inskribe hardbound sketch books
  • Artists' Mixed Media Books
  • Stillman & Birn Archival Quality sketchbooks
  • Premium Sketchbooks

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Last updated 09/07/2017