Big fat brushes, fine and fiddly brushes, brushes for oils, watercolours, pastels or any kind of paint, economical brushes, luxury brushes and special travelling brushes for painters tramping the great outdoors: Framing Pieces has all the brushes. There are also palette knives, sponges and scrapers for all different kinds of paint manipulation. 

  A range of brushes of diverse sizes and types is available from Framing Pieces. The main types are shown below:

  • Winsor & Newton Pure Squirrel Wash Made from Russian squirrel hair with a goose feather quill. Ideal for watercolour washes.
  • Raphael 84 series Made in Paris since the late 18th century using the finest materials and construction. The fibres are from the hair of a Kolinsky sable, which is a Siberian weasel. Truly.
  • Art Spectrum Kolinsky Sable High quality watercolour brush made from Kolinsky sable.
  • Neef Squirrel Mix Mixture of squirrel and synthetic fibres.
  • Neef Deerfoot Stippler  Flared brush that can be used wet or for dry stippling and pouncing,
  • Art Spectrum Soblinsky hair/synthetic blend Multi-filament blend resembling sable in appearance. Can be loaded with more colour than other synthetic brushes.
  • N.A.M. 3005 Golden Nylon A synthetic watercolour brush.
  • Snap! specialty brushes Synthetic brushes in a range of shapes for special effects.
  • Art Spectrum Travel Brushes A range of fine brushes in individual metallic cases which also serve as the handles. The brush head can be pulled out and reversed for use, safely stowed back in the case for transport.
  • Water filled brushes Brushes in which the barrel can be filled with water to save dipping. Useful when painting on the go.
  • Oil painting brushes In various shapes and sizes. Not illustrated yet as supplier is currently being changed, but there are lots.

  Click on the thumbnails below to see an enlarged image of a sample of each of these products.

Last updated 12/11/2016