Framing Pieces carries several ranges of high quality oil paints and a great variety of mediums. Papers and canvases, brushes, palettes and other accessories suitable for oil painting are listed on the Papers Gallery, Brushes Gallery and Artists' Accessories pages.

The oil paints currently stocked by Framing Pieces are as follows:

  • Art Spectrum Oils Lightfast pigments in pure linseed oil.
  • Winsor & Newton Artisan Oils Oils which can be thinned with water, brushes and equipment cleaned with soap and water, with no hazardous solvents required.
  • Winsor & Newton Artists'Oils Majority of single pigment colours with a buttery, stiff consistency for retaining palette knife strokes, or they can be thinned.
  • Various oil mediums Sample of available range only.

  Click on the thumbnails in the gallery below to see enlarged images of each product.

Last updated 25/06/2016