DIY Framing

Loads of different colours and styles of matting material are available at Framing Pieces, as well as a large range of mouldings.

At Framing Pieces you can have your art work fully custom framed, or you can buy the materials and do it completely yourself. You can buy glass in full sheets, matting in full sheets or mouldings in full lengths, or you can have them cut to size for you in the shop, and partially assembled if you choose. Mat cutting can be done while you wait. Framing Pieces carries an extensive array of mouldings and can order others for you for a really special job.

Framing Pieces also sell tools and accessories for you to do your own framing and matting. The following items are illustrated below.

  • Oval mat cutter
  • Circular mat cutter
  • Pull style mat cutter
  • Steel edged rulers
  • PVA glue
  • Not to mention a range of cutters, wires, clips, hangers and all manner of useful little accessories.

Click on the thumbnails below for an enlarged image of each product.

This page last updated 25/06/2016